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    Christmas Eve.

    Join us for our 13th Annual  Suckling Pig Roast.

    12 Wise Men, 6 Pigs, 2 Counties, 1 Jewish Chef, 1 Baby Jesus, and a bunch of kids in footsies…

      It’s a tradition around here. We get our hands on a few pigs from some local peeps, roast them in the hearth oven, carve them up and serve them with a couple great winter sides. We’ll also have our full a la carte menu available, so no pressure. The best part is we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds of the evening to the Pajama Program. They are the awesome folks that give pajamas to less fortunate children. Because, as we say at Almond, “there’s nothing cuter than a little kid in footsies.”

    Call to reserve.

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    New Year’s Eve 2015!

    Starting at 9 o’clock we’ll be offering a 4 course prix fixe menu and having a party. Champagne toast will be poured, party favors will be distributed, and general merriment will ensue. All for $105

    Or… if you’d like to just drop in, we’ll be serving snacks at the bar along with some amazing specialty cocktails.

    And.. earlier in the evening, we’ll be running our a la carte menu and some great specials. 


    This Fall & Winter we have something for everyone...


    Monday Meatless Monday. scroll down for the details.


    Tuesday $19.95 Steak Frites


    Thursday $1 Montauk Pearls & other Raw Bar specials


    Sunday Burgers & Beer at the Bar. $15 Gets you our House Ground Burger or Turkeyburger Deluxe and a Beer of your choice.


    And of there's always our super amazing $29 Three Course Price Fix Menu. Click here for a sample


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    We're going Meatless on Mondays!

    Every Monday all night we offer a three course entirely vegetarian prix fixe menu for $35. Everyone's talking about it. And now its inspired a coobook. Check it here. Have a look at a sample menu here.


    And as always, our entire regular menu is also available.